While the term “Tilak” has a lot of spiritual significance, it symbolizes a mark at a point on the forehead which is considered the centre of all cosmic energy. It holds a place of great sanctity as it is believed that all senses and actions of an individual can be controlled from this point.

Tilak Education Society hopes to create a right mark on all its students which would enable them to become positive responsible citizens of tomorrow. Our society aims to achieve this through its five pillars which would equip its students for the future.

The hallmark of Tilak Education Society has been each of these five pillars which are the foundation of every institution under its fold.

  • Holistic Development
  • Goal Oriented Pedagogy
  • Quality Teachers
  • Digital learning
  • Edu-Centric Infrastructure


Our society firmly believes in imparting holistic education through academic excellence, infusing professional competence, instilling human values and developing societal skills in its students.

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We at Tilak Education Society believe in developing instructional strategies by setting learning goals based on the student’s background, ability and environment.

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Since quality of teachers is instrumental to the success of the institution, our society follows a three pronged approach for grooming and developing our teachers.

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While in most institutions digital learning is a part of the teaching methodology, we strongly believe that this instructional practise is a core aspect of our philosophy.

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Tilak Education Society firmly believes in optimum utilization of its excellent infrastructure and learning facilities to ensure affordable education without compromising on quality.

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