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“To be among the premier institutes for the holistic development of students involving Academic excellence, Professional competence, Human values and Societal skills to empower them to become leaders capable of facing future challenges and guiding the society”.

OUR Mission

Considering desire as primary motivation for the generations.

Quality Education

01 Quality Education

To import Quality Education by providing the best infrastructure combined with innovative pedagogy for an all-round development of individuals

Academic programmes

02 Academic programmes

To run academic programmes from nursery to post-graduate level in the city so as to provide an individual with an avenue for being professionally and globally competent.


03 Leadership

To harness leadership potential in students and provide a platform for the same.


04 Edu-Centric

To be a centre for learning and technological awareness in the city of Navi Mumbai


We work towards our goal of “Nurturing Tomorrow’s Mind” through values of :

Integrity and Ethics
Respect and Diversity
Innovation and Flexibility
Teamwork and Collaboration
Perseverance and excellence


"Marching Towards World Class Education"