What is Education?

While you start to read this blog I’m pretty sure we will educate ourselves and make a difference!

To educate ourselves we will have to understand what education means. Our degrees, Courses that we take up and certificates that we receive on its completion is not education. Education is a comprehensive connotation which means, Facilitating learning or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits. Education reflects mannerism, culture, understanding and growth; it reflects the mind set – SOCH of oneself.

The purpose of education is instilling values and morals, preparing for life challenges with international understanding and making the purpose of life clear and fruitful. Fights on petty matters, abusing, practice of anti-social elements, substance abuse, jealousy cannot be the purpose of life… and reflects the negative aspects of LIFE!

An educated person certainly makes a difference in one’s life by influencing positively, loving and caring, extending warmth to the person in need, being kind and forgiving, respecting elders and everything that creates a positive influence in other’s life. Be it a teacher, student, parent …..any person……. you are known by your manners and values. Your approach towards others, your EMPATHY defines your character and your SOCH. The certificates and degrees you receive just tag you as LITERATE and not EDUCATED!!!!

Celebrate life being EDUCATED!!

Author:- Dr. Heena Samani